“I condemn such allegations. Policemen too have sons, brothers and fathers. There might have been some lapses but police personnel can never indulge in such inhuman and despicable acts,” Arya said. i agree with Arya. people were in that time in not position to see one another how they have seen the throwing the dead bodies in the river. really such incidences are very alarming with pains. but people must be disciplined. when crowds are there so keep patience and follow the rules. i do also agree that when it was welknown that such huge pilgrims will visit so  administration must be alert.we should learn lesson for future and i request to the people/pilgrims to cooperate to the administration. after all we are the real sufferers and we have to bear pains. we have pains on the loss of many deaths. commission is set up. reports will come out but dead will not alive.so discipline must be there and follow the law and order.