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Fwd: do the needful and fwd to all in media to stop the biggest crime

Sudarshan Dhandharia
7:25 PM (2 hours ago)

to deepanshu_garg., bcc: me

feel your duty towards mother cow. how much time you can give to her?fwd these to all in media and mail me list of email ids of media and mediamen.
if you have time we can mail you letters sent to PM CM CS DM DGP CJI etc

PRESS NOTE dt 15-10-2013

          Sacrifice of Cow progeny is Illegal, It is well known fact for almost all senior Police and administrative officials. High Court of Kolkata has repeatedly passed many orders to effectively implement all the provisions of the WB Animal Slaughter Act 1950. Supreme Court had passed order long before on 16-11-94, banning cow sacrifice. Section 9 of the Act says ATTEMPT and ABETMENT is also offence. This crime is taking place openly; But the law implementing authorities are not trying to save dignity of LAW and ORDERS of Supreme Court & High Court.

          In this context, we wish to draw the attention of politically enlightened Common Man of West Bengal, towards importance of Cows, through this press release that :-

1.    Cows are back bone of our agro-dominant economy.

2.    Cows are moving fertilizer factory which gives world’s best bio fertilizer and bio pesticide in shape of cow dung and cow urine.

3.    Cows are moving hospital as its PANCHGABY can cure many INCURABLE diseases also. Its urine is also Medicine. There is a Bengali saying – “JE KHAYE GORUR CHONA, TAR BADAN HOYE SONA” means, one who takes cow urine, his body shines like GOLD.

4.    Cows are Food Factory, which converts agro-waste into MILK, most healthiest complete FOOD for human beings. It can make a man physically as well as mentally strong.


6.    Cows are not sacrificed in any other country, including ARAB Countries; where from the Muslim religion was born and not in any other state of India other than West Bengal.

7.    Sacrifice of cow is against the LAW of Bengal- WBASC Act 1950. It is also contempt of High Court and Supreme Court as both have passed several orders banning it.

8.    Sacrifice of Cow is against our Constitution and Culture.

9.   Saving COWs is respecting the sentiments of majority community and health of minority community as well.

10.                In Many Countries including INDIA power is produced from cow-dung and Gobar Gas. Bulls energy can also produce electricity. President of America Had said Cow dung is unlimited source of Fuel.

11.                Agriculture with help of BULLs is cheaper, not even a single farmer committed suicide, who had bulls with him.


Media is requested to interview police and politician, whether they know that SACRIFICE is illegal or not? And what they are doing to stop it? And to Implement the LAW and ORDER? Show the FACT – Condition of Cows in Muslim Localities.