1healing hands clinic. 2

2 mrs varma is a hose wife .

3 she had a complained of constipation since 3 years.

4pains during defecation and time taking and due to constipation, she remained  uneasy.she had changed her diets and taken treatments of ayurveda, homeopathy and unanai , but not relieved.

5 pains and complaints exaggerate  since few months .laxative used but not relieved. she had not disclosed  to her family members after all she disclosed her problem to her sister.her sister advised her for healing hands clinic .she was exhausted  since long illness but after her sister’s insists she went to hands healing clinic. she met o dr porwal.

6h h c is only only in pune and welknown to all over country

7dr ashwini porwal is a founder of the clinic .he is well known procto surgeon .he is educated in pune (INDIA) ITLY, FRANCE, AND AUSTRIA . DR porwal is HOD of pune hospital,Inamdaar hospital and Jahangir  hospital.

8 dr porwal is awarded by star surgery for acute abdominal related diseases.

9he had started defectography test in pune for acute abdominal pains related.

10 mrs varma had a chronic problems dr porwal advised her that she is a recommended case of defectography  test after the test ,he will able to understand the illness.

11after defectography test she was advised by dr porwal for star surgery for relieved.

12 dr porwal advised that  duration of surgery takes 20 to 30 minutes time before onset of the surgery spinal anesthesia  is given .in this surgery , the beauty  is there is no need of any cuts or no need of any dressing.

13there is a misconception that after surgery pain is more, but in this surgery there is a mild pain only.

14 she gained confidence on dr porwal and accepted for surgery.