high societies are more cruel than middle class. the high societies thank that they are my slaves. we are the masters. boss is always right. think on the subject. by virtues of past misfortunes deeds of the servants they are working in their houses.may be in future the bosses will be under their servants. although they are human, they are your workers. you are entertaining on the cast of their money and for livelihood. servants must be treated as a family members. they are totally dependent on you.the servants want well behaved, soft corners to them and make a friendly atmospheres with them. always asked by their masters of any problems.provide securities, health care, wealth assistance and make friendly atmosphere. if masters will treat them so they will dedicated their lives for masters. and they will whole kindheartedly  serve with.

such incidences are shown the degradations of the superior classes. i hope if they are found as accused must be punished with R I.. we must respect to each others. it all depend on our relations and behaviors.it requires effective laws with reformative way.