modi is a man of double tongued and double faced. he is a another man ion outside and other man is in side. he is only boasting but has not past good back ground.still he is living in palatial place like king and never walks always flies.he is not known about the ground reality of MP. here is more poverty and expenses of govts are much highest. all corrupt ministers are culprits but saved due to power.modi is now like barking dogs wandering here and there. crying is not the effective speech but not showing dignity, no character. he is no planning but one planning to show  the shorting of the congress. there is no gentle comparisons , one sided allegations with bases. we know every thing is fare in love and war . we are now qualified people, we know every acts of all politicians. all are naked and passing their stools from the same anus. only mouth ejaculations are there.we are now bored all politicians speeches, we are educated and we are watching, reading news and other activities of politicians. none are honest and are opportunist. no moral, character, only money, power and their families are their objects.
HE is not so honest as he is exposing. once his tenure will over he will be also behind the present you are wandering on your cast , party cast or govt cast. no answer, only manipulation. all are millionaires. and enjoying on the cast