MODI ji there are only few major issues  for every party on them they are fighting and are the causes of their existence. BIJLI,PANI, SADK SHIKSHA, SWASTHYA, GARIBI, GHAR KAPDA AND JAMMU AND KASHMIR. IF they will finish, your politics will be finished. none are interested to vanish these issues. they are the causes of only politics. if you will be the PM, NOT HOPEFUL not solve these issues. these are the back bones of your speeches. and every party is trying. here in our country, these are the only issues and above all power, politics, and order and rapes, price hikes and society insecurities, every speaker is targeting on these issues and unable to eradicate them because  we are most populous and vast country, several parties, leg pulling s, no respect to each other. egoistic nature and try to setup superior to each one. nationalism is vanished,self centered and selfish attitudes. no moral, no character, no nationalism, money, power and selfish natures are the every party ‘s object. no body is right and wrong. our servants are not disciplined, corporates are ruling the nation . and politicians are earning more and more. if not so why they are pouring huge sums in elections. by means of politics they will earn more. every one says YAH TO KAANTON KA TAATJ HAI TO KYON PAHNANE KE LIYE MARE JA RAHE HAIN. ( THESE POSTS ARE LIKE THE THORNY CROWN SO WHY THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR THAT) BJP, CONGRESS, BSP SP, RJD, JDU all are same and there are only limited leaders and their properties , no respect to each other and want to serve the nation.speeches are only to show own self superior and others are inferiors.
now people know all acts and no faith on any one but we have no options. politicians are totally criminals. educated, learned and qualified are not interested in politics. because money, musclemen powerful gundas are eligible for the politics. more criminal successful we want to see the future of the nation. we are misfit in the machinery.honesty is disappeared  and character is futile. parliament and assembly are the best clubs where they enjoy lot and we see their acts and feel helpless. by the posts they are enjoying more privileges and earning more money for next generations. so please DO NOT TRY TO ERADICATE  THE ISSUES OF PAANI, BIJLI,SADAK, SHIKSHA, SWASTHYA, ROTI, KAPDA AUR MAKAN, because  they are the only pillars of politics. enjoy every one