NO CULPRITS accept  their crimes. now an innocent can say that in the night no out -siders can enter in to the house and murder occurred. so who killed them. why killed them. when parents saw the daughter and servant in objectionable  situation so killed them. it is not a day time program me. the parents were busy in their clinics and the daughter and servant were enjoying since long may. it is an intolerable  incidence so they killed the.
now decision will be against them. they will be life imprisonment with fines and RI NATURE. they have more chances , well approach to HC, SC  AND PRESIDENT FOR APPEAL. it is only the wastage of time, money , energy. only one shortest way to accept the crimes and enjoy in the jail in free mood. they have expense d much more money  in court, in bribery and in other ways. game is over. they will be accused and will go to problem. these crimes are due angeirness, ego and not thinking about future. whole carrier ruined and will be in it is lesson for others not to take such steps. keep forgiveness and patience.they can save own self and also they were the tender aged can be treated as a friends and solve the issue very soundly. but loss the patience and became accused and now will be behind the bars.