IT was a known crime acted by them.they are qualified persons, they know the consequences of the case and now known as guilty and will be punished. now the onset of instance and verdict period they lost in defense and was futile,if they killed them so they must come before the laws that we committed crimes and in these circumstances so the matter may be in their favor.
secondly when they were known about the daughter and servant relations , they were not new so they must realize  and try to solve the problem in cool atmosphere so such things may not be happened.
after that now we must learn some lessons. to do business , but be too busy that the children are over sighted. secondly make relations to your children frankly and openly. because in tender age and when servants are there and you are busy so they get chances for entertainment and it goes to such acts and we have to such steps and now they have lost their daughter and murder charges, in defense   wasted time, money energy and food and given bribes and how much mental tensions bored and ultimately they are behind the bars. if they approached to the court with facts so law will be lenient to them and half journey was passed.
these are the positive concept. first not create such circumstances, if happened try to solve in peaceful atmosphere and try to be conservative and be positive. now they are encircled by fire and now no way of safety.