MY RESPECTED VIJAY JOLLY is a very sensitive  leader of the nation. he is  a polite, tender, empathy  and other words HE IS A GOD of present time. he is unbearable to face injustice so he stood fearlessly against harassment against  women and he stood against woman SOMA. really he did praiseworthy act and also real social worker and a leader. his heart is full of pains. i have someday his pains will increase and he will scarified his life for the welfare of the people  not his parents and family, he is a well wisher of the society. he is ABOVE THE LAW. because he is a law maker.
his acts are most praise worthy and we hope that his picture must be garlanded with immediate effects all over DELHI AND NATION WIDE. his sympathies are unparalleled in modern history. his heart is full of pains eg he is a heart patients .tears are flowing that means he has a eyes problems.
we are worried that you are known as martyrdom. mind it first see your family and children .i am worried that for other causes you will give your life so my BHABHI JI will be widow. it will be injustice with her. JOLLY JI really you are very great person. i request to the BJP  kindly expelled such sensible person because every day he will create non sense values and if not so kindly trend him that he must be thick skinned person. how i control my emotions .he said she is resident of our area and office is situated in DEHLI so it is his moral duties to seek justice for the distant women. really his concepts are very holy. he did his act against the desires of his leaders means he is a brave worker of the party. he is a such leader  who will sink  with his party. really i pay respect to him. he is also insulted by many, and also with  his family members , so he has  taken such steps against them.
law has it own way. he is not controlled  by others. he has take law and now he must be punished accordingly.