“We hypothesized that BPA exposure would activate estrogen receptors exacerbating migraine symptoms,” researchers said.

In a group of rodents with migraines, those that had been exposed to BPA showed significantly worse migraine symptoms than those that had not. “This is an entirely new direction for the field of migraine,” the scientists said. If patients eliminated all plastic and canned packaging, it would demonstrate a 66% decrease in urinary BPA in patients after just three days.

“These findings suggest that a clinical trial to decrease BPA exposure and levels in migraine sufferers may reduce the frequency and severity of headaches and may increase the quality of life for migraine sufferers,” the team added.
 WHEN the researchers are alarming us not to use plastic bottles , they are harmful then still we are using. we are bound to follow due to suppliers are supplying.it is not a proper way. the suppliers are to be treated criminals.if it is so they should not supply  the plastic bottles.