EVERY COIN has two sides. to respect the opinion of others. he is also right and also wrong. today if you talk or some one wants to trap in any scandal so lodge the against any man.boss etc. so burden of proof will be on your shoulders. we have seen that some revengeful  attitude , so you will be in jail. no alternate.now in ancient literature  they have mentioned that GOD is unable to know/understand the nature of women.they can go up to any extent. not only in practical life, in every day TV SHOWS are delivering new  styles/ways. in every film the villains are so death threatening  you can not  imagine.
woman is the mother of all. she is always respectable and is more than above, she is a mother, sister, daughter, wife, beloved and also ENEMY. she can ruin your life. she is most powerful. today many examples are like ASARAM, NARAYAN, TARUN, GANGULY ETC.
at present we are in such state due to woman, SANYOGITA  who was stolen by Prithviraj chouhan. JAICHAND CALLED MOHD GOURI AND NOW THE MOGHAL CAME AND WE ARE IN PRESENT STATE.
LIKE WISE MAHABHARAT AND RAMAYAN due to the magic roles of DROPADI AND SEETA. they lead teaching lives but the causes were their roles.we respect them but in our books mentioned ZAR, JORI ZAMEEN , JHAGDE KEE JAD TEEN. lands, woman and money are the causes of many disputes.but to day the atmosphere is  fearful. any one can impose any allegations and you will be behind the bars. we want to respect them and to all but the fowl plays are played by them. in this way there are two sides of a coin.one is positive and another is negative. negativity are more prevalent.so it is the duty   of every one to take preventive measures. now in this way females are at liberty. every day we are watching/reading such news/incidences.. if we are guilty so must be punished but some are intentionally involved  so he will be behind the bars.