it was the fight of moral and immoral. now SC decision  has decided the character, moral. it is not not the social but also the religious, moral and humanity. we humble respect to the SC who delivered the decision. how such acts are done of such persons. it is un natural act. it is not permitted by those ,who are advocating this act.
now in our society some people will realize that it is an offense and not to propagate.I may ask to the followers that they can permit for this act to THEIR MOTHERS, SISTERS, DAUGHTERS, WIVES. AND ALSO THEIR FATHERS, BROTHERS, SONS AND RELATIVES.
      when it was treated as in human not treat as religious, treat as moral. we have liberty but not want AT LIBERTY. ARGUMENTS ARE ENDLESS. BAD IS BAD , AND NONE ARE ACCEPTING. those are following FEEL GUILTY our society these are not honored /respected any where and even own self. i am unable to understand how they are interested in this act. this act comes under the category of sexual perversion. when you do not like to apply this act on your family members so why you are advocating such un natural is not an ideal act.