Why should I be denied the right to love who I want?

“The courts should be more worried about the hatred being propagated
in our society on the basis of religion, caste, community and sex.

my friend ONIR you are free to do sex to every one with your mother, sister, daughter, wife, bhabhi, father, brother, son, friends. you can do it behind the curtains. if you declare that i am sodomite or impotent and now live courageously in the society, i challenged you ,you will unable to survive. you will be known as sodomite and even your beloved wife will not accept you.

     i am unable to understand TODAY people means males and females are more about IPC SEC 377.once it is un natural,unsocial, against religion and also against guilty accepting. i know many things are still hidden in society and in the eyes of laws but not accepted by us. why you are not wandering here and there naked like Khajoraho . you play with animals.

      why we are not selecting good things . try to search good, moral and acceptable principles. why you are propagating such dirty things. every one is naked in bath room but when he comes out he covers. if you want to come naked among your family specially before mother, sister or daughter so come. 

       in words it is very simple but to apply in practical will be crucial. i hope you realize and think what is good and bad. it is a person matter behind the curtains,