in every philosophy there are some principles those are acting  as a fortress . king is safe in fortress due to some principles. in Jainism AHIMSA, ANEKANTVAD AND APRIGRAHA ARE THE FORTRESS OF JAIN jainism AHIMASA IS the foundation of humanity, and through that we can establish peace, friendship and also salvation of our we are suffering more and more due to violence. violence is we are doing many ways and particularly by 108 types.4KASHAYAS 1 KRODHA 2MAAN 3 MAAYA 4 LOBHA*3 1 MAN 2 VACHAN  3 KAAYA/KARAMA*3 1SAMARAMBHA 2 AARAMBHA 3SAMAARNABHA * 3 KRATA 2 KAARITA 3 ANUMODAN== 108 so in jain philosophy the description of ahimasa is described in details. like wise due to more possessions , hoardings we are facing many problems in govt and in social life.anddue to not respecting the opinions of others , egoistic fights are more and more .
i want to say that there are 5 SINS 1 hinsa(violence)  2 jhooth (untruth) 3 chori( stealth) 4 kusheel( non celebacy) 5 parigraha ( possession) in whole world and in every country the rules and regulations are for only 5 sins. and their treatments are  5 VRATTAS 1 AHIMSA(NON VIOLENCE) SATYA(TRUTHFULNESS) 3 ACHAURYA (NON STEALTH) 4 BRAHMA CHARYA (CELIBACY)  5 APPRIGRAHA ( NON POSSESSIONS) so we have to  ERADICATE sins by vrattas