I congratulate to both MR AMBANI AND KUMAR those have decided to adopt vegetarianism in personal and professional lives. 2 years before i have written letter to reliance fresh from Pune. i was on tour there. i visited there AUNDH i have seen frozen meat , chickens etc. i shocked and was unable to control my thoughts, emotions and written a letter regarding the selling of such products. we are strictly Orthodox about  our live styles, foods, daily routine. non veges are not good for health. it is not acceptable. AMBANI JI, you will surprise  that i have not purchased any thing from your shop. although i am your valuable customer but generally avoid the visit. because i am a strict vegetarian. due to slaughtering of the animals and EXPORT OF MEAT are increased. it is a very alarming sign of the country, society and personal.i welcome the opinions of KUMAR MANGALAM that he has not done any compromise on this issue i appreciate his will power . he was  firm on this issue that no meat and wine will be served in the offices. he followed the righteous values of his fore fathers.
sir in coming Loksabha election .I WILL FIGHT THE ELECTION ON ONE ISSUE TO BAN MEAT EXPORT.FROM BHOPAL M.P. because the export of meat increased and animal kingdom is less. i am working in this field since 30 years. my only object is to establish NONVIOLENCE, ANIMAL PROTECTION AND VEGETARIANISM. I HOPE THAT I will get success, because non veges are the sources of many incurable diseases.so save animals.ECONOMIC TIMES 5JANUARY 2014(why Indian inc CHICKENED OUT FROM NON VEGES MARKETS.