Beautifully described about HAPPINESS,we should follow one rule that we will always be happy in every state/situation /condition.a person who is in tension or in unpleasant mood  he never enjoys his food.his digestion is not remains happiness he digest best.mind and body both are reciprocally dependent and independent.if mind is ill it effects on the body and body is ill so it effects on mind.happiness is like the spring season during this period every where you will get pleasure.happiness is the mother of merits/virtues.delighted person lives long life.if you want to be happy so make your requirements lesser to less.happiness gives straight and immediate benefits.  a person who is busy in his deeds/actions  he feels mentally  happiness.a person whose eyes are filled with tears,full of sacred thoughts,soft spoken and showering the happiness with auspicious acts , people keep him happiness is the LIFE OF TONIC.